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Investment & Timeline

Get a step-by-step breakdown of time and costs to open your store.

Start Up Cost

Generally, to be considered for a Pita Pit franchise and qualify for traditional financing, you will need approximately $100,000-$125,000 in unencumbered capital to invest. If you are able to bring the initial capital to the table, you’ll be well positioned to approach the bank to borrow the rest. Pita Pit does not offer in-house financing at this time.

Cost Details

Deposit toward franchise fee: $20,000 (plus applicable taxes). Here’s how the costs break down:

Category Amount (CDN)
Low ($) High ($)
Franchise Fee 10,000 20,000
Initial Rent & deposit 7,500 10,000
Opening Cash 1,000 1,500
Leasehold improvements 144,000 182,000
Business license 200 2,500
Insurance 1,000 1,500
Initial Startup Print Pkg. 1,500 2,000
Legal & accounting fees 3,000 6,000
Lease fee 500 500
Initial furniture, fixtures & equipment 100,000 117,000
Opening advertising 2,500 5,000
Lease fee 500 500
Staff and management training expense 1,500 2,500
Initial Inventory Package 4,200 9,650
Working capital Varies Varies
Total Estimated Start-up Costs $291,900 $365,150

Note: The capital investment required to set up a Pita Pit varies by location, landlord design criteria and contractor pricing in each area. Leaseholder improvements may vary considerably, depending on the previous state of the premises. Because of this, there is no guarantee that your costs will fall within the range shown. This is meant solely as a guideline. Details of your initial costs can be found in your Franchisee Disclosure Document (Canada).

All applicable taxes, if any, are in addition to the above identified amounts.

When can you open

your Pita Pit store

Day 1

Let us know you’re interested in a Pita Pit franchise by sending us a little information about yourself. We’ll then send you a link to our Franchise Application form, which you should give yourself about an hour to complete.

Days 2-10

Our Development Team will review your application. If it looks like we may be a good fit for each other, we’ll contact you to set up a phone interview so we can discuss your application and the opportunities available.

Days 11-30

Someone from our Development Team calls you for the phone interview. We may also ask for an in person meeting. If necessary, follow up questions will be sent to you via email, and a final decision will be made on whether or not your application is approved.

Day 30

If approved you’ll be sent an approval letter and disclosure documents (most provinces).

Days 31-50

You review the disclosure documents and send in the initial Franchise Fee. (For most provinces the law requires a 14-day review period before the Franchise Fee can be accepted.)

Days 51-100

When we receive your Franchise Fee, a Franchise Agreement will be signed and our location search will begin. A Pita Pit Development Specialist will coordinate with you to begin the site selection process for suitable locations in your area of interest. We will assist you throughout the entire process from site selection to a signed lease.

Day 120

Construction begins! We’ll coordinate with you to begin the build-out process, assisting in choosing your general contractor through to final inspections. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Day 200-207

You will undergo a seven-day world-class Franchisee Training Program at our National Training Center in historic Kingston, Ontario. You’ll learn proper food preparation and organization, inventory tracking, product ordering/receiving from authorized suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques.

Day 270

Assuming no major delays, your store will be ready to open its doors and, just 9 months in, you will be ready for hungry customers!

Our Proven System

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Support & Training

Before you open a Pita Pit store, we do everything we can to ensure your success.

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Answers to common questions prospective Franchisees might have.

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