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Our Proven System

As a Pita Pit franchisee, you’ll benefit from a system that has already proven to deliver terrific value—a system we’ve been fine-tuning for more than a dozen years.

The cornerstones of

our strategy


Pita Pit is all about pitas. We don’t do burgers. We don’t do fries. We don’t do sandwiches made with thick bread. We do only one thing and we do it better than anyone: pitas filled with lean meats, veggies and garnishes. We were the first quick-service restaurant to base our business on pitas, and pitas will always be our focus.


Our site selection criteria are very specific. It’s not enough for a site to be in a high-traffic area. A good Pita Pit site needs to be convenient for our primary audiences and ideally be open for three meal rushes a day on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.


Our operation is simple, and streamlined. Toppings and meat portions are prepared in advance so pitas can be ready moments after the meat comes off the grill. Even with a long line-up, our customers need to trust that they’ll be served quickly.


All our franchisees began their journey as customers. The ideal franchisee has already built an appreciation for the Pita Pit values and a love for our food prior to becoming involved in the business. This passion translates into a drive for success as they run their own store(s). By working hands-on in their store(s), franchisees take their advancement into their own hands, and embody the qualities of our most successful franchisees.


We don’t try to be all things to all people. Pita Pit targets a specific audience with specific wants and needs. We do everything we can to serve our customers well. By prioritizing our customers’ values, we achieve consistent and sincere loyalty from them. This encourages not only their repetitive visits to our stores, but this loyalty propagates to their friends and family. That’s why it’s important to stick to our strategy: because our strategy keeps on proving that it works.

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