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No experience? No sweat

Before you open a Pita Pit store, we do everything we can to ensure your success.

If you’re interested in opening a Pita Pit franchise but are hesitant because you lack restaurant experience, relax. It doesn’t matter.

What matters most is that you care and are willing to work hard for your goals. Thanks to all the support that the Pita Pit offers franchisees, prior food-service experience is not a requirement. All franchisees are trained to efficiently own and operate a Pita Pit store, so you will be confident you can run a successful store by the time the doors open. We consider anyone who’s dedicated to working hard and is willing to follow our proven-successful operating system.

But training is only part of being a success. Our most successful stores are the ones with actively involved owners. They work behind the counter alongside their staff, take diligent care of their customers, and motivate their employees. These franchisees set a good example and give their employees feedback—praising them publicly and correcting them privately. Our exceptional franchisees also reach out and are actively involved in their communities.

Ours is a

proven system

As a Pita Pit franchisee, you’ll benefit from a system that has already proven to deliver terrific value for every operating dollar—a system we’ve been fine-tuning for more than a dozen years. The corporate staff at Pita Pit is continually seeking innovative ways for the business to grow and improve by developing systems that ensure you receive the best possible support and most up-to-date information on where the market is heading, and where we’re heading as a company. It’s part of our commitment to “fresh thinking.”


Franchisee Training

Before you open a Pita Pit store, we do everything we can to ensure your success, starting with offering you the benefit of a world-class franchisee training program at our National Training Center in historic Kingston, Ontario.

The program is a six to seven-day course presented by a qualified, trained instructors who cover all the essential topics for operating and maintaining a Pita Pit restaurant to corporate standards. During the course, you’ll split your time between theoretical training in the classroom and practical training in a real restaurant.

The classroom portion of the training will teach you how to hire and train employees, work with food and beverage suppliers, implement effective marketing techniques and manage finances such as labour and food costs.

The practical portion of the training includes working approximately 30 hours behind the counter in a local Pita Pit restaurant. Here you’ll learn proper food preparation and organization, inventory tracking, product ordering/receiving from authorized suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques.

Our Proven System

Investment & Timeline

Get a step-by-step breakdown of time and costs to open your store.

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