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Our Franchisees share their successes and insight on partnering with Pita Pit.

The Franchisee


Our franchisees not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing that they are invested in a business that becomes a source of pride.

Marcia & Danny Lunn

Location: Rothesay & Saint John, New Brunswick

Husband and wife team who now own more than one successful Pita Pit franchise and enjoy the flexibility and the community involvement that being a store owner offers them. Through their Pita Pit franchises they are constantly able to give back to their community, and this is their passion. So much so that they are now self-proclaimed Pita Pit addicts!

Rob & Kathy Mills

Location: St. Stephens, New Brunswick

After 23 years in another job, Rob realized he wasn’t happy and needed a change of direction. Deep down he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now Rob can’t wait to get out of bed each morning to open the doors to his store. He refuses to settle for only being as good as yesterday and looks forward to every day at his franchise.

Shannon Helmer

Location: St. Thomas, Ontario

Shannon bought a Pita Pit because, well … she ate at one. The food, the atmosphere and the warmth got her hook, line and sinker. She’s now on the craziest journey of her life and she loves it!

Chantal & Chris Poirer

Location: Bouctouche, New Brunswick

Husband and wife team who say their employees and customers have become like family, and Pita Pit is their second home. Chantal and Chris operate a successful business, but what really motivates them is creating a place where they can make a difference in their community.

Andrew Scott

Location: Orleans, Kanata & Gloucester, Ontario

Andrew proudly owns three stores in the Ottawa area. He’s passionate about the Pita Pit brand because he finds it amazing to be able to work with a company that shares his core beliefs and values. He loves what the brand stands for and enjoys the freedom he gets as a franchisee and the opportunity it gives him to guide his own future.

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Harsha Jagtap
Pita Pit Arthur, ON

"My favourite part of owning a Pita Pit is that every day is a new challenge for me; no single day is the same. I balance work, life and fun by always trying my best to enjoy the moment I am living in.

Before I opened my Pita Pit, I was working 9-5 Monday to Friday, but my life was very monotonous and not challenging. After a while you just get bored of that life. I always wanted to grow and go outside of my comfort zone by taking on new and exciting challenges.

I refuse to settle for corporate life and Pita Pit has provided the perfect solution!"

Pawan Thind

Pawan Thind
Pita Pit Stratford, ON

"Meeting with the President of Pita Pit and being approved to become a part of the Pita Pit family was one of the most important memories of my life. I still get tears in my eyes whenever I think of that moment. Having my own Pita Pit is not just about financial stability, it has more personal meaning to me. It has been an amazing journey with Pita Pit. Everyday I have new experiences! Putting a smile on so many faces, my customers make my day!

I have learnt from my past experiences that if you work with honesty and the best of your abilities, good things happen along the way."

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Andrew K. Bridle
Pita Pit Bracebridge and Huntsville, ON

"When I first opened my store, I had no formal training of any sort in ANY element of business so joining Pita Pit taught me to understand and care about my numbers. I learned how to be a reliable business owner, put my staff first and most importantly be part of the community.

Pita Pit allows you to focus on personal growth as well as business growth because they have a lot of the small details all worked out for you.

The best part of owning your own business is the great elements like flexibility in your schedule and feeling the rewards of hard work. Being an entrepreneur is doing what you love with your life, and finding a way to make money at it. I love good healthy food. This is why I love Pita Pit.

I don’t have a job, my “work” is my lifestyle and I always have fun doing it! If you're not going to have fun, don't bother getting up!

I refuse to settle to believe that anything is impossible. As the saying goes whether you think you can or can't, your right!"

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